Windows 10 System Reset is Stuck

Are you also stuck while that you are resetting your Windows 10 PC? There are a number of users who reported the same issues with the Windows reset process. Despite this, there are numerous reasons for why one goes to reset the PC. It could be that the system prompts you to reset the computer because that some boot errors have occurred or you are upgrading or reinstalling the Windows 10 OS. Nonetheless, if you have come across issues with the Windows reset function there is nothing much to panic about. You got certain options to troubleshoot and fix the conflicts happening with the Windows reset function.

A pre-note: If you want to backup the computer data before troubleshooting it, then you got alternate solution. You can use smart tool like Yodot Hard Drive Recovery to get data and files from the inaccessible drives. You can simply download the application and within few clicks you can secure the data from inaccessible hard drive.

Use a bootable disk

You can always use a Windows disk or the bootable disk to reboot the computer that is stuck. To boot into a safe state you can check out the WinPE bootable disks. The Windows PE disks are majorly used during system failure, crashes and other system boot issues with the Windows reset operation.

Perform a startup repair

Yet another way is to run the Windows startup repair to get rid of stuck up problems with Windows 10.  You need to have the installation files on an USB drive or a DVD and then you can go to the BIOS setup, check out for the repair option –

  • On a USB drive or a DVD, get the Windows 10 installation files downloaded
  • As you start up the PC, enter to the BIOS mode and choose the USB/DVD (with installation files)
  • Then, as the Windows starts to boot from the installation interface, select the option as – Repair your Computer
  • Navigate through Advanced Options-> Troubleshoot -> Start Repair

Then continue to follow the onscreen instructions to fix the stuck system.

Get into Windows Recovery Environment

  • Hold down Windows key + R altogether
  • Choose either Shut down or Sign out
  • Press the SHIFT key
  • Select Restart
  • The Windows 10 computer then starts on a recovery mode
  • Now select Advanced options -> Troubleshoot -> Start Repair