Steps to Open Large Photoshop Files Faster

Adobe Photoshop, is a photo editor tool designed with numerous features. However, in case of large PSD and PSB file it takes time to open. We are here to discuss how to open large files in Photoshop faster. Let’s discuss the points one by one and I am sure it must be helpful for all the readers who are same problems.

  1. Launch Photoshop application on your system.
  2. Go to File Menu and select Open or press Ctrl+O
  3. Browse the drive and select the files that you want to open
  4. Select one file at once don’t try to open multiple files
  5. Press and hold Alt/Option+Shift while pressing Open button
  6. A new window appear on screen so press OK to open the file.

Performance Preference

You need to get more RAM in order to speed up the performance of Photoshop application. Go to Photoshop > Preference > General > Scroll Down to Performance. Observe the memory usage box if you are having really bad experience with the speed then drag the scroller to the highest level.

File Handling Preferences

Turn off the Image Previews option available in preferences. Go to Photoshop > Preference > General > Scroll Down to File Handling. Now change the Image Previews option to Never Save and set always with the Maximum PSD and PSB File compatibility.

Interference Preferences

You need to set up Standard Screen, Full Screen with Menus and Full Screen. In order to set up these things, Go to Photoshop > Preference > General > Scroll Down to Interference. Set none for all the three attributes mentioned above.

Sometimes while editing large file, application is closed abruptly or not responding due to certain circumstances. In such severe condition, it is possible that PSD file gets corrupted and user is unable to access the file. It is quite common that PSD file get corrupted so there are plenty of application available to fix the issue. However, Remo Repair is professionally tested tool to fix PSD corrupted file within fraction of seconds. Few benefits of this software is mentioned below:

  • Fix corrupt PSD files from all Photoshop versions
  • Fixes both PSD, PDD and PSB file in few mouse click
  • Launched on both Windows and Mac based machine
  • Employed on various scenarios for corruption of PSD file
  • Preview option and Technical Support are special feature of tool