Solution to Fix Bad Frame Report from DIVX

Procedure to fix the issue of bad frame report from DIVX AVI Repair tool on Mac:

Let us discuss the solution for how to fix bad frame report in DIVX on Mac system using AVI Repair Software by Remo.


First we need to download the free demo edition of Remo Repair AVI tool and then install it on your Mac device. Next we can launch the installed repair program by running it on Mac and then by using browse option we need to choose DIVX file which has to be fixed. When you choose repair button, immediately Remo Repair AVI tool begin its repair process to fix DIVX file issue of bad frame report. Once the DIVX file repair process gets completed, using preview you can verify whether the repair of DIVX file has done successful by the program. If you are satisfied with the process and want to save those repaired DIVX file to preferred storage folder on Mac, then you need to buy the Remo Repair AVI licensed program from online.

Some benefits of using AVI Repair program which fixes the issue of DIVX file on Mac:

  • Remo Repair AVI tool helps in fixing all kind of issues occurred in DIVX files like bad frame report from DIVX file on Mac and software not only fixes the DIVX video format but also it fixes AVI and XVID video format on Mac device.
  • By utilizing this tool we can fix DIVX video files which are there in storage devices like USB, Pen drives, etc.
  • While repairing the issue, it copies the content of DIVX file and creates new file without modifying the original DIVX files.

Causes for DIVX file bad frame issue on Mac:

  • Virus attack on Mac OS: When Mac system is affected by harmful bugs then it damages your DIVX files and it leads to bad frame report from DIVX file.
  • DIVX file transfer issue: When you are transferring the DIVX files between the Mac devices, if you connectivity issue occurs and DIVX files couldn’t transfer completely, then it leads to bad frame report from DIVX file on Mac.

These are some causes for bad frame report from DIVX file but it can be fixed by using AVI Repair tool and its repair procedure.