Repairing Microsoft Word File

“Yesterday, while editing MS Word file, my Windows system got abruptly shut down. But, after turning on the system, I tried to open the Word file again, but this time the file could not open instead I encountered with an error message like “Word experienced an error trying to open the file”. I don’t know what has happened to my Word file, but at any cost I want to regain access to it as it contains my most valuable info which I don’t want to lose. So, someone please let me know how to open and repair a Word file? Any suggestions will be kindly appreciated…….”

Have you face the same consequence as mentioned above, and need a solution to fix MS Word file? If so, then do not get fretful!! Because, now you can easily open and repair Word document using the most advanced and highly reliable utility called Remo Repair Word software. The Remo Repair Word application is built with powerful programs that effectively open and repair MS Word file within few simple clicks. Usually, Word file becomes inaccessible if it gets severely corrupted due to some unforeseen conditions. So, before proceeding with the Word file repair process, let’s see some common reasons behind Word file corruption;

  • If your Word file gets severely affected by external threats like spywares, Trojans, malwares, etc. then it may get damaged due to which, you may face an error message when try to open or access it.
  • The Word file may also get corrupt if any interruption takes place while downloading it such as power surge, connection loss, sudden system reboot, etc. Also, while transferring Word file from your Windows computer to any portable media, if you abruptly disconnect the interfaced device, then it may leads to transfer error which in turn results in Word file corruption.
  • While editing or accessing Word DOC or DOCX files, if your MS Word application gets inappropriately terminated due to some known or unexpected conditions, then probably you may lose access to your Word document or face error messages when try to open it.
  • If there is mismatch with file association, or when you try to open Word file in different version of MS Word application, then there is a chance for Word file to get damaged. Also, if the installed Word program is not compatible with the Windows operating system, then you may lose access to your Word documents.
  • The other reasons than can corrupt or make Word file inaccessible are damaged Word header, bad sectors on system drive, use of untrustworthy third party utility, file system corruption, app crash or improper upgradation of Word program, errors while changing Word file format, CRC error, inaccessible or corrupt storage media and more.

If your Word file has got corrupted due to these scenarios, then try to repair it using Microsoft inbuilt technique by following few steps as follows;

  • Run MS Word application, and choose File option, then click on Open.
  • Now, browse and select your corrupt or inaccessible Word file, and then click on drop down mark which is next to Open button.
  • Then, select “Open and Repair” option to repair damaged Word file.

Still if you are unable to access your Word document, then do not panic!! Just make use of Remo Repair Word tool and know how to open and repair a Word file with utmost ease on your Windows OS based system.

Incredible features of Remo Repair Word software

Remo Repair Word application is developed with powerful algorithms to repair severely corrupted Word files. This tool help users to fix any kind of issues or errors related DOC and DOCX files. It doesn’t modify original file content while repairing the damaged Word document. It doesn’t consume more storage space, also free from virus so, you can install and repair Word files on your system without any difficulties. Remo Repair Word software works easily on different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Taking the assistance of this prominent utility, you can even fix Word file created on MS Word 2013, 2007, 2000, 2010 and 2003. This Microsoft Word file fixer provides simple wizard like interface using which, both novice and technical users can perform Word repair task in an effective and efficient way. It also repairs Word documents stored on hard disk drive (SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc.), flash memory cards, Pen drives, FireWire drive, etc. The preview option of this software enables you to view repaired Word file before saving it on any desired location.