Repairing Corrupt RAR files on Windows 8

“I downloaded a RAR file on my Windows 8 PC last night and upon opening the said file I got an error warning me that the RAR archive is corrupt. I then downloaded the file once more hoping it’ll download without any issues but I still got a warning while opening the RAR file. There’s nothing I can do now but rather repair it at the earliest and extract the files from it. But before I could proceed with it, I would like to know the best RAR repair tool that can assist me in completing this task.”

RAR files can be safely repaired using Remo Repair RAR. This repair utility is one of the most widely used tool for all types of RAR file corruption.

A RAR archive contains two or more files that are compressed together into one. It can contain audio, video, Word files, PowerPoint files and so on compressed together into one single file. RAR file damage can be really annoying since it contains not just one but dozens of files compressed together. Any damage to a RAR archive means that all files compressed in that archive become inaccessible. RAR file corruption is inevitable and it can occur at any moment. It’s always good to carry a backup so you don’t have to worry when you realize that the RAR files saved on your system are damaged. Following are some scenarios responsible for RAR file corruption on Windows 8:

  • Any interruption when a RAR file is being downloaded can lead to them becoming inaccessible to the users.
  • Unexpected power surge when a RAR file is being extracted or compressed can lead to them getting corrupt.
  • Changing the RAR file extension in an unsafe manner.
  • RAR header file damage due to viruses present on the drive.
  • Unsuccessful download of RAR archive on your Windows system from the internet.
  • Other reasons include: CRC errors, software conflict, failure in the system hardware and so.

Remo Repair RAR

This repair software can effortlessly fix RAR files which are created on all versions of WinRAR. It requires just a few minutes to accomplish the task on the same hand and offers a simple GUI that’s simple to follow as well. It uses a strong RAR file repair algorithm that can even repair password protected RAR files on Windows OS. Additionally, this software can also fix RAR files corrupted as a result of CRC errors and repairs large sized RAR files too. It is a fully automated process which requires no human intervention once the repair task is underway. After the RAR file has been fixed, you can preview them and then decide to save them to any preferred location on your system. It can repair RAR files on any version of Windows such as Windows 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista and 2003.  It’s also completely safe meaning that your original RAR file isn’t damaged or modified when it’s being repaired by this software.

Here are a few ways how one can safeguard RAR files on his Windows 8:

  • Have a backup of all RAR files on a separate external hard drive.
  • Make sure the application used to compress and extract RAR files on your PC is recommended.
  • Avoid interrupting the RAR file while it’s being transferred or download to your system.