Repairing AVI file index in Windows OS

“I had an AVI file on my Windows PC which is showing me an error message every time I try to access it. The error message reads something which says the file index in damaged. I tried opening it multiple times and also asked my friends about it but in vain. I looked out for some repair tools on the internet but either they ask me to purchase the full version or are placed at an unaffordable price tag. So could someone please suggest me either an easy procedure to repair this AVI file or maybe a free repair tool that can accomplish this task at the shortest period possible?”

You could make use of Remo Repair AVI to repair the AVI file index. This repair tool assures you that your AVI files are never damaged further by employing it.

AVI files were introduced by Microsoft and are primarily utilized to play videos. AVI files are supported by a wide variety of devices and are widely utilized by a number of leading websites like Gmail, MSN Messenger, Skype and so forth to establish a video chat between any two users. AVI files on the other hand are not completely free from corruption and frequently they suffer from index file corruption. AVI index file corruption means that the particular AVI file cannot be played by any means and needs to be repaired at the earliest to be played like before. AVI files are corrupted as a result of human as well as system errors. Let’s check out the common scenarios responsible for AVI file corruption:

  • An interruption while downloading an AVI file increases the chances of it being corrupted.
  • By sending the AVI files via multiple networks or unsafe networks.
  • Virus or malware attack can leave the AVI files damaged. These viruses enter the system from third party websites which you might have opened to download any sort of media on your PC.
  • Abrupt system termination when an AVI file is under use.

Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is the safest tool for avi index repair on Windows. This software is additionally available for Mac OS and works on all versions of Mac as well as on Windows. After repairing the AVI files, it lets you to preview the repaired file following which you can save it to any preferred location of your choice. By making use of this tool, you can repair damaged, broken as well as corrupt AVI files on Windows. It offers you an easy to use interface that’s quite simple to be followed by anyone. One can also utilize this tool to fix DIVX, XVID as well as AVI files on Windows. It also supports many storage devices like Flash memories, USB drives, Cameras and many more. You can effortlessly repair AVI files no matter to what degree they’re damaged.

Precautions to prevent AVI index file corruption on windows:

  • Carry a backup of all AVI files on a separate hard drive so you don’t have to worry when you realize that all your AVI files are corrupt.
  • Use a latest version of anti-virus software to scan your PC on a regular basis.
  • Use trusted applications to play AVI files on your Windows PC.