Repair your Corrupt ZIP Files for Free

A wide number of users use the zip technique for compress a set of files. However, at times, users encounter one or the other issues with the ZIP archives. There are many reasons for a .zip to get corrupted or damaged. When a ZIP file is broken you will get an error message that the file is corrupt, incomplete or damaged, invalid zip file, CRC errors, extraction cannot proceed and so on.

When these kinds of errors are seen with vital zip files, it is essential to repair them. To resolve ZIP issues you can either use some troubleshoot techniques or use a repair software. There are a wide number of ZIP repair applications available online. You can also go for paid software for promising results.

Troubleshooting ZIP errors

  1. Incomplete download of a Zip file will show trouble in opening the file. File extraction can not be achieved if the files in the ZIP file are partially downloaded. Hence you can go with re-downloading the file.
  2. Command line add-on to fix invalid zip file: Upon extraction, if your .zip file show invalid zip file error then use the following technique to resolve it-
  • Open the Windows Command Prompt (run as administrator)
  • Change the current directory to the directory where the corrupted zip file is located on your computer
  • Now type: “C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf

Replace C: with the corresponding drive letter of your zip file.

In the place of, specify the name of your damaged zip file

  • Press the Enter key to execute the command

             This will create a new zip file with a suffix as FIXED. The original zip file remains as it is. If the FIXED ZIP file still shows corrupt then the file is not repaired successfully. You will have to try other repair approaches.

Free Repair tools

To fix corrupt zip files for free, a number of Zip repair utilities are available online. You can either repair them online or download the software and fix them. But be smart enough to choose a right tool to archives zip or you may end up with irrecoverable damages.

On the other hand, you can use some trustworthy tools as Remo ZIP Repair. This is an eminent program, capable of repairing both ZIP and ZIPX files. It can instantly rebuild your damaged, corrupted or inaccessible zip files