Repair RAR Errors and Unexpected end of archive Error Fix

What is a RAR file?

Licensed by WinRAR, RAR (file extension .rar) is the registered achieve file format that enables compression and decompression of files, allows recovery from errors and file spanning. RAR files are used to store data file or files in the compressed form.

How to access RAR files?

You have to install WinRAR application in order to access all RAR files. WinRAR allows you to create and extract RAR files. This is particularly helpful while downloading and uploading files from the internet. Sharing and storing data in RAR format has many advantages:

Large amount of different files can be compressed into a single RAR file. This helps in keeping the data safe.

Large files compressed into a RAR file can be stored conveniently as it occupies less space.

Downloading and uploading RAR files over the internet is easier as it consumes less data.

File size ranging from 20 bytes to larger than 1TB can be compressed into a single RAR file.

Unexpected end of archive error:

This error generally occurs when the RAR file is not downloaded completely or if the RAR file is broken. You can try to fix this error using WinRAR’s inbuilt repair function.

Follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Run WinRAR application and select the file that is to be repaired. Click on Tools option and select the Repair button. Now WinRAR application will try to fix the error.
  • If the RAR archive file has a .zip file extension, then choose option “treat the corrupt file as ZIP” or else choose the other mentioned option and click on OK button.
  • Once the repair action is finished, close the window. Now select the repaired file and extract it on the same folder.
  • The archived files will be extracted now.

In case the files could not be extracted by using the above mentioned instructions, the RAR file could be corrupt. Try to fix this error using Remo Repair tool. In order to download this tool click on the link posted below.

How to fix RAR files using this tool?

  • Download the RAR repair tool demo version (you can go for the full version too) by using the link and install it on your computer.
  • Run the repair tool and browse the corrupt RAR files that are to be fixed using the Browse option.
  • Click on Repair button to execute the repair process and wait for it to complete.
  • Once it has finished, view the RAR files and its contents using the tool’s in-built Preview option.
  • Once you are sure all the RAR contents are recovered, instantly buy the tool to complete the restoration process.

To repair other files and documents with similar errors, visit here.

What causes errors in RAR files?

There are many reasons for RAR file corruption depending on how the file was accessed. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

  • Downloading RAR file from the internet that is already corrupt or broken makes the file inaccessible.
  • Errors in online servers while downloading process can corrupt the RAR files.
  • Improper sharing of RAR files too can harm the files.
  • A virus or a malware attack can definitely damage the RAR files.
  • Other reasons include bad sectors on the drive, data recovery session and similar errors.