Repair Photoshop CS5 Images

“Hi everyone, Last week, I been to national park for capturing beautiful pictures for my project work. I used Adobe Photoshop for editing the pictures. While, I was editing pictures by using Adobe Photoshop CS5; those pictures got corrupted due to sudden interruption due power failure. I wanted to submit those photos within 2 days. So, please anyone suggest me to fix these damaged photos in Abode Photoshop CS5!

Images getting damaged in Adobe Photoshop CS5 are the common problem faced by the users, who uses Photoshop application across the world. If you are facing such problem don’t worry you can, repair your corrupted images through reliable Photoshop repair software.

Today in this modern era, Pictures / photos are considered to be one of the most precious things as it recalls our sweet memories. To transfer pictures, in their own desire, people opt for Abode Photoshop application. Whether you are working on a webpage, PowerPoint presentation or document that has to be printed, Photoshop can be used to enhance your pictures. Adobe Photoshop CS5 version has many advanced features compared to it’s precede version CS4. Adobe Photoshop CS5 provides silent key features like 64 bit for Mac OSX, bristle tips, mixer brush, automation lens correction, GPU HUD controls for brush resize, color pickers, color sampling, image based lights, etc. However even the image files created with CS5 version of Adobe Photoshop is prone to corruption.

When your Adobe Photoshop CS5 file gets damaged, it fails to open and you may receive error messages like “unable to open this file”, “could not complete your request”, etc.  Let us see some of the common reasons for corruption of Adobe Photoshop CS5 file.

Broken download: While downloading a PSD file from internet, all of sudden if you’re downloading process is interrupted due to disconnection of internet or due to sever down, may corrupt your PSD files

Virus / malware infection: if your system is infected with Harmful virus, malware and Trojan can severely damage your PSD files on Adobe Photoshop CS5

During up gradation: When you up grade Adobe Photoshop from older version to newer version or vice versa might corrupt your PSD files which are present on your system.

Other reasons: Power failure during usage of PSD file, round ripping of PSD file format frequently may lead corruption to PSD files

If you are facing problem with anyone of the above mentioned corrupt scenarios, don’t worry much about it, just relax!! You can get back corrupted PSD file by using reliable PSD repair application. Repair corrupted Photoshop application uses the advanced algorithm to scan and repair your corrupted Photoshop image file which are severely damaged. Software has ability to repair all versions of Adobe Photoshop. For more details visit here. Repair corrupt Photoshop CS5 image software is user-friendly even user with less technical knowledge can use this application.

Advance key features:

  • Ability to provide bitmap image of repaired Adobe Photoshop file
  • Support in repairing images with PDD file extension
  • The software repairs all design attributes such as color palettes: RGB, INDEX, GRAY, etc while repair process
  • Supports repairing  large size PSD and PDD image file

Tips to be remembered:

  • Always backup your precious images
  • Make sure that, you close Photoshop application properly after you use it