Recovery of Layers in PSD File

Photoshop was first introduced in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing software. Photoshop files are stored in the form of .psd and .pdd, which indicates “Photoshop Document”. Photoshop is supported both in Windows as well as Mac operating systems. By using Photoshop, anything can be done that’s required for editing an image. However, PSD files sometimes get corrupted. If they are corrupted, then many things will go wrong with these files. If corruption is severe then the PSD files will become inaccessible and in case it is minor then the layers of PSD file may go missing. Corruption is one of the main drawbacks associated with PSD files and there are colossal number of reasons that’ll trigger PSD files to get corrupted.

Fixing corrupted PSD file is very simple now, once yon manage to fix corrupted PSD file then easily you can access and recover layers of PSD files. There are immense number of tools to repair corrupted PSD files. One of the most preferred application for repairing corrupted PSD file is, Remo Repair PSD. This tool effectively fixes corrupted PSD file and it consumes very less time to repair the files with this app. This advanced repair application supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. Remo Repair PSD app has been designed with simple and stunning interface, which eases the process of PSD file repair.

Common scenarios for Photoshop file corruption:

  • Downloading error can cause the corruption of PSD files in Mac operating system. When you are downloading a PSD file from internet, it may get corrupted if an error is occurred in between. When they get corrupted then you’ll lose layers present in it.
  • Software up gradation problem may also cause PSD file damages. Many users upgrade their software to latest version to use newly added features in it. While trying to open the PSD file created in previous version in updated version the file have chance to corrupt or damage.
  • Sudden power failure will make your system to shut down improperly. If it shuts down in an improper manner when the file is accessed on it, then PSD file will get damaged and its layers will get lost.
  • Bad sectors present in the hard disk can also corrupt the PSD file. If you save PSD files on bad sectors then they get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Impressive Features of Remo Repair PSD Software:

This software repairs corrupted or damaged PSD or PDD files and it supports all the version of Photoshop. This utility repairs and recover PSD layers on all major editions of Mac operating systems including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. Repairs PSD file with the colour mode. It also supports large sized PSD and PDD files. Fixes PSD file with bits per channel. It also repair the PSD file on different types of secondary storage devices including memory sticks, CF cards, SD cards, MMC cards, external HDD, etc. It is capable of repairing damaged files created by all available versions of Photoshop tool.