Recovering Outlook Contacts Missing from Address Book

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application that is widely used all over the world. It is actually a software that is used to send and receive emails, not only for mailing this wonderful application can even maintain mail contacts, calendar events, manage the tasks, take down the notes etc. The software comes as a part of MS Office Suite. Its entire data will get saved in data file known as Personal Storage Table, which is often shorted as PST file.

At times it happens that the PST file which retains important data of an Outlook loses the items that’s been stored in it. Many reasons are there which influence such thing to happen. Corruption of PST file is also one reason, on account of which you will lose access to your contacts, emails and all the attributes of it. If you have lost important contacts from Address Book of Outlook due any reason then don’t worry, just use Remo Repair Outlook program, which can easily recover and repair all the Outlook data within couple of minutes. It is an excellent utility which comes with large number of upgraded features and profoundly recovers all the contacts and other stuff with utmost ease. Even if the PST file is corrupted, this amazing tool will fix that issue and helps you to recover all the contents.

  • Intrusion of virus: Whenever virus enters your PC it will begin corrupting files residing in it, in case this harmful virus corrupts PST file then you won’t be able to access the data from Outlook, and finally they will get lost.
  • Abnormal termination of Outlook: If an Outlook program closes abnormally because of sudden turn off of computer or some other reason, it may corrupt the PST file, which leads to loss of important Outlook data.
  • Other Reasons: Sometimes even user may accidentally end up erasing the contacts, header damage, compression errors, and errors while upgrading Outlook. All these reasons can make you lose important contacts from Outlook’s Address Book.

Prominent features of Outlook data recovery application are described below:

Remo Repair Outlook is an ultimate app to recover Outlook contacts missing from address book. It’s the read only program, which will not do any modification to corrupted PST file, instead it will generate a new PST file in which all the recovered data is saved. It can fix and restore those PST files that cannot be fixed using inbox repair tool that comes in Outlook. This application can retrieve entire data of Outlook including emails, contacts, tasks, calendar events etc. The PST files which are highly encrypted can also be repaired using this effective tool. It facilitates recovery of Outlook data from all new versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. Employing this application you can easily repair and restore data from extremely corrupted PST files. Within few click of mouse the task of recovery would be completed. It’s a graphical user interface software which can be utilized without any kind of technical knowledge