Recovering MS Outlook Rules after Deletion

Email client is a software used for sending and receiving email messages on computer. There numerous email client application available they are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, IBM Lotus Notes, Windows Live Mail, Pegasus Mail and Eudora. Among all these email clients Microsoft Outlook is most favored one. This MS Outlook is used by many of the individuals and organizations. The software comes along with MS Office Suite and has been incorporated with many attractive features in it. Outlook is more than just an email client, it behaves like personal information manager which helps in storing information like important contacts, notes, appointments, RSS feeds, calendar events, etc. Apart from all these, in Outlook you will be able to set the rules for emails that you receive or send.

However, sometimes these that you create in Outlook get delete. There are many unpredictable factors that influence rules to get delete from MS Outlook. Well, if any rule has been deleted from your Outlook email client, then don’t get disappointed over it. Now it is possible to get the deleted back and for doing that you have to make use of Remo Repair Outlook App. This is a most powerful utility which can easily and efficiently recover rules that have been deleted from Outlook, it could recover all the items of Outlook in few moments including deleted emails, notes, appointments, RSS feeds, and so on. The software besides recovering can also repair the corrupted PST with great ease. It has a very simple user interface and while recovering deleted rules it gives the directions with screen shots, by following those direction you can recover the Outlook rules with utmost ease.

How rules get deleted from Outlook?

  •  Accidental Deletion: This is very common and it’s an inevitable factor. Most of the users while erasing unessential items from Outlook they accidentally delete rules and recognize their mistake. However with the help of Remo Repair app you can easily recover deleted Outlook rules in a very simple manner.
  • Oversized PST File: PST file which is like a data base file for an Outlook has some fixed storage limit. The storage limit mainly depends on the version of Outlook you are using. If it is old version then storage limit will be less and for newer version the limit will be high. In case the stored Outlook data exceeds the limit, then PST file will get damaged which in turn results in the deletion of Outlook items including rules.
  • Errors While Compressing PST: You can easily compress the PST file. The compression is mainly carried out to manipulate the storage the space on hard drive. At the time of compression, if some unpredicted error occurs, then PST will get corrupted and data residing in it will get delete.
  • Sharing PST on Network: PST can be easily shared on network, by doing this one can easily grant the permission to some other users for accessing the PST file. However, if you are sharing then you have to be quite careful. Because there are chances of other users deleting rules and important data from it.

Whatever might be the reason you don’t have to get worried, the Remo Repair Outlook software can fix the error and recover rules from Outlook PST with a great ease.

Terrific Features of Remo Repair Outlook Software:

Remo Repair Outlook app is most reliable repairing cum recovery software, which is completely free from various harmful elements like malicious programs and viruses. It has the capability to restore deleted Outlook rules on various versions of Windows OS including Win XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Win Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 2003. With the help of this remarkable utility you can recover rules from various versions of Outlook including MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. It’s a non destructive utility, which means while recovering Outlook rules it will not do any modification to the original PST file, instead it scans the original file and creates a similar file from where you can recover all the contents including rules. It’s a fastest tool, which will recover deleted Outlook rules in a very short time frame. Use the demo version of this application for evaluating the product, if you get satisfactory results then buy its licensed version.