QuickTime green screen fix Mac

Hello friends! When you play a video file in QuickTime player, your Mac screen turn green in color and is your picture not visible? Even though you can clearly hear the audio of the video clip? Do know why this problem occurred? How it can be fixed?

This is very common problem faced by Mac QuickTime player. So, if you’re QuickTime players turn green in color, whenever you play any video clip,don’t worry; there is a solution to come across with green screen problem.

Generally Mac users use QuickTime as their movie players. It is the most preferred movie player as it is very easy to operate. Along with that it has got so many features which are very useful for the users.

But there are times where you come across with the errors while playing a video files. One of the problem encounters is that green screen, this green screen problem occurs due to corruption.

  • Whenever QuickTime player crashes,
  • corruption due to application up gradation,
  • Mac operating system reinstallation,
  • virus attack, malware infection, hardware exception,
  • Mac files system corruption, etc.

Before using any repair software for fixing green screen error, you can (manual update) try this few simple steps:

  • Open your QuickTime application
  • Click on ADVANCED TAB
  • Uncheck the “enable Direct3D video acceleration”
  • Click OK button
  • Restart your QuickTime application

After following the above mentioned steps now you restart and try to play your video file most probably the file should play with proper synchronization of audio and video. But if still the problem remains same as before at this stage. You can use reliable software that helps you to fix the green screen error in Mac. The software has the ability to fix QuickTime green screen error. Along with that it has ability restore the original file name after repairing process. Software is very user-friendly which is very easy to use.

  • Support to repair the corrupted video file without any technical knowledge
  • Preview the scanned result after fixing the corruption in QuickTime video player
  • The software also supports in repairing corrupted video files of various  formats like .mp4 and m4v