QuickTime Green Screen Error Fix

Developed by Apple Inc. QuickTime is a multi-function tool for handling all media files, animations, images and other interactions. It is a multi-platform tool supporting Mac as well as Windows operating systems. It comes along with Mac OS X as well as a standalone downloadable product.

What is QuickTime green screen error for Mac?

QuickTime green screen is a QuickTime file error generally caused due to media file corruptions, application errors, Mac OS X corruption, system crashes, error in recorded permissions (back end communications), mishandling the QuickTime files and other similar mishaps. It causes the screen to display nothing but green color when a QuickTime file with this error is played. It may sometimes play the audio and sometimes it may not along with the green screen.

How to fix QuickTime green screen error for Mac?

  1. Try the below mentioned steps to overcome recorded permissions (back end communications) error:
  • Turn off your Mac PC.
  • Hold Command+R buttons and hit the power button while still holding the Command+R buttons.
  • Once your Mac loads up, you can release the Command+R buttons.
  • Select the option Repair Disk Permissions from Disk Utility option.
  • Once they’ve been fixed, restart your Mac and try to play the files.
  1. Disable 3D video acceleration from the QuickTime preferences and restart the application to try playing the files.
  2. For Windows operating systems with this error, try playing the file with the GDI disabled.

If the error in QT file still persists, you have to repair the QuickTime file using any reliable third party QuickTime repair tool.

Repair your QuickTime files using the official QuickTime repair tool.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download this repair tool and install it on your Mac PC.
  2. Start the application by double- clicking on the icon.
  3. Select the QT file that is to be repaired along with a healthy QT file for reference using Browse option.
  4. Click Repair and wait for the file to get fixed.
  5. Once the repair is completed, preview the fixed file by playing it with the help of the in-built Preview window.
  6. If the problem is fixed and your QT files are recovered back to its original condition, purchase instantly using Purchase option.
  7. Store the QT files on any desired location using the activated Save button.

If you directly downloaded the full version of the repair tool, you can directly save the files on any desired location.

General causes for errors in QuickTime files:

  • Beware of errors while downloading the QT files over the internet. It is usual for any video file to be broken or incomplete.
  • Modifying or converting video files can cause the files to get corrupt and rendering the video files to display green color by QuickTime.
  • A Virus or a Malware attack can easily be the cause behind a corrupt QT file.
  • Disruptions like power outages or sudden termination of the program while sharing or moving the files from one location to another can cause damage to the QuickTime files.
  • The QT video file may have got damaged while performing recovery from an accidental deletion with the help of any unreliable third party tool.