Method to Fix MP4 Video Won’t Play on Windows 10

If your MP4 file present on your Windows 10 system fails to play due to MP4 file damage / corruption then in that case we can utilize MOV Repair application by Remo to fixes the issues of MP4 files on Windows 10.

Remo Repair MOV software repair steps to fix MP4 issue on Windows 10 OS:repair-mp4-file

  • Download the repair application: First download the demo version provided by the MOV Repair program.
  • Install the repair tool: You can install and launch the software by using run option on Windows 10 OS.
  • Select the MP4 file: Next, main screen of the program arise then you need to browse the MP4 file which fails to play and need to be fixed using the MOV Repair tool.
  • Start the repair process: Next, when you choose repair choice the repair application begins the process of MP4 file fixing.
  • Verify the fixed MP4 file: After the process gets completed, we can check whether repair of MP4 file is done correctly or not using preview button.
  • Save the fixed MP4 file: Finally, if you are happy with the repair process performed by the Remo Repair tool and to save those fixed MP4 file on your Windows 10 storage system, you need to purchase the MOV Repair tool licensed tool.

With above repair points of MOV Repair software, Windows 10 not playing MP4 files issue can be fixed.

Some features of MOV Repair tool:

  1. This MOV Repair tool is the powerful and fixes the issue of MP4 file on Windows 10 system with few simple repair steps as stated above.
  2. The tool perform its repair process without modifying the MP4 files content and also Remo Repair software has the ability to fix the issue of video and audios formats like avc1, mp4v, mp4a and RAW.
  3. After the completion of MP4 repair performance using preview you can verify those fixed MP4 files once and later you can save those MP4 files on your Windows 10 storage system by purchasing the licensed edition of MOV Repair software.
  4. It fixes the problem of MP4 files which get exit of Windows 10 video players suddenly due to MP4 file damage / corruption, when you try to access it. This tool can perform its MP4 file repair process on all Windows OS versions including Windows 10 OS. To know more about MP4 file visit this link.

Reason for MP4 files won’t play on Windows 10 system:

  1. While transferring the MP4 video files from one drive /system to another, if system gets shut-down due to power issue or connectivity between the systems gets break then it might leads to MP4 file damage /corruption due to incomplete transfer of the MP4 so that it fails to play on your Windows 10 system.
  2. When the Windows 10 OS get affected by harmful virus then the MP4 header can get damaged due to damaged MP4 file, when you try to play MP4 video file on Windows10 video player if fails to play.

These are some reasons for MP4 won’t play on Windows 10 system. It can be solved by using MOV Repair software.