Latest news and update on Microsoft Surface Pro

pro-5Many customers are waiting for the announcement to be made officially by the Microsoft Company about the next Surface Pro. Microsoft Surface Pro 5, the all in one set with Windows 10 might not be released till spring of 2017. Earlier the Microsoft Surface 5 will authoritatively be disclosed, here some of the updates that you need to know.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date:

For Microsoft Surface October has become a historical month. As we know, Microsoft declared the Surface Book back and Surface Pro 4 in 2015b October. In October 2016, the high-end Surface Book i7 was declared along with Microsoft Surface Dial and Microsoft Surface Studio. Although many Surface family products have been announced in the month of October, few also came in month of February like Surface Pro 3. As declared by CNET, and from some rumors point of view, the early release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is this year, we don’t wait to see most predictable all-in-one windows 10 till the spring of the 2017 year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs:

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be incorporate the recently reveal Kaby Lake chipset was suggested by Rumor. As per the previous report, it says that this is the main reason for the Microsoft delay in the release of the “laplets” and also Intel recently declared the 40 different chipsets in Las Vegas at the 2017 CES. But as per NeuroGadget, 2k screen will be coming in Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but for the customers who want to spend more for better experience can get the Surface Pro 5 along with 4K model. Apart from that, there might be upgrade to increase the RAM previous capacity up to 16GB.

According to TechRadar, Microsoft Surface price has lightly shifted year after year. Due to this reason, customers await to see the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with cost starting at $899. This price is equivalent to £749 or AU$1,349. It can be increased from that cost as per the bundled accessories and specially configured hardware that Microsoft will announce.