Is it Possible to Debug RAR Password?

RAR files are the compressed files, where the data is tighten to reduce the size of the file which is one of the best way to save some sort of space on storage device. RAR files are compressed using the latest compression technique that considerable decreases the file size, along with that it provide security to the content of the file that is compressed, which is very much useful during the file transfer over Internet. Files like images, audios, videos and all document types can be compressed using RAR files compression tool.

Sometimes, users want to restrict the unauthorized person access to the files that they transfer via Internet, at this point they want more protection to the file and its content, so they set the strong password to RAR file when the data is very much confidential. But it might happens anytime, that the person who had set the password to RAR files, they only forget the password that had been set. Now what such users should do? Can they access the RAR files again in future? Does it possible to debug RAR file that is protected with password?

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