Information about Vulnerability Management of Microsoft

4The Endpoint firm security Avecto proposes the way weird to avert vulnerabilities in the products of Microsoft – turn off rights to administrator.  The report of annual vulnerability  from Avecto declared that there are almost 530 vulnerabilities in Windows OS pc recorded in the year 20146  but 94% of those be the mitigated by using an account with the no admin rights. The list of application topping that can be the benefit from removing the admin rights are Microsoft browsers from the Internet Explorer to newer edge. But most of the issues coming from the internet 238 vulnerabilities from the IE six ways to the IE 11 dropped to 109 when no admin are there right.

Mark Austin the CEO of Avecto told that it sounds weird totally “own” Windows system because of the admin restrictions but the way out for privilege management and application control. When we remove the rights of the admin which is no longer difficulty and even user who have basic knowledge of computer can easily way around said by the computer world. The CEO Austin said that Windows Operating System owner have some wrong sense of security method when they are updating the Operating System to new version. As in Windows 10 Operating System is the most vulnerable among present MS Product. Even in Windows 10 OS almost 395 Microsoft browsers of whooping are opposed to 256 of Windows 8 or version 8.1.

In the year 2016, the hackers can able to breach vulnerabilities of 79 in Windows 10 OS. Some other MS applications like office 2010, 2013 and 2016 edition are also subjected to data stealing. One of the good news for office 365 owners is that there is no known attack that targets specifically the newest productivity suits. Avecto proposes the removing the rights of admin is a way to protect the Windows server. Rights of admin are necessary when you are using server 2008, 2012 and 2016 but about 90% of the problems of potential can be avert by turnoff privilege of admin. Sadly the number of Windows device which are affected are increasing every year which wrap up that warnings are lessening on hard of hearing ears.