How to repair PST files even when scanpst.exe is not helping?

The .pst files contain lots of useful information which you have stored over time. You definitely can’t afford to lose them so easily. But, sometimes, it is possible that the .pst files get corrupt. This article will guide you to get over your frustration and easily get back or repair your valuable .pst files

What exactly is a .pst file?

The Microsoft Outlook saves all its files like emails, notes, calendar entries, RSS feeds, journals and all other data as a .pst file on your system in order to secure your data on a computer. Pst stands for Personal Storage. Every single user is allotted a space of 2GB for a single PST file.

So how does a .pst file get corrupt?

There are various reasons for a .pst file to get corrupt. The most common of them are listed.

Hardware errors:

  • The hardware storage fails to store the data on it.
  • Fault in networking device- while accessing the .pst file over a faulty client network such as faults in links, hubs, servers and so on.
  • While moving it from one volume to another for whatever may be the reason.
  • Power outage while accessing the .pst files.

Software Bugs:

  • A .pst file might get affected by a malware or while doing a virus cleanup using an antivirus
  • While recovering a .pst using any third party application.
  • Due to bugs in software.
  • Terminating the MS Outlook abruptly.
  • While compressing/decompressing the .pst files.

Under these circumstances, there is a good chance of getting your .pst file corrupted and rendering it unable to open.

So what do you do now?

You run the Inbox Repair tool Scanpst.exe to diagnose the error in the .pst file and try to recover from it. Scanpst.exe is a repair tool which comes inbuilt with the Outlook for files from Outlook 97 – 2007. Normally scanpst.exe files are stored in location C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/OFFICE12 or C:/Program Files/Common Files/System/MSMAPI/1033. But it is not guaranteed that scanpst.exe will repair your severely damaged .pst files.

In order to prevent corruption and keep the .pst files safe as long as you want them to be, one must take care to see that the above mentioned scenarios are avoided. This is the best way to secure your any data. But how? Whatever one may do errors are meant to happen even with the best of us. Sometimes, even the utmost care taken to secure the data isn’t enough. But the good thing is, these files can be repaired using Remo Repair Outlook software

Remo Repair Outlook fixes your .pst files even when the scanpst.exe is not repairing .pst

Remo Repair Outlook is a powerful tool to repair damaged or corrupt .pst files. Its exceptional features and smooth functionality makes it the best in category, even better than the Inbox Repair tool Scanpst.exe. You don’t have to be an advanced user in order to repair the .pst files. Its hassle free and simple user interface allows you to easily repair the damaged Outlook files all by yourselfeven when the scanpst.exe is not repairing .pst. For more information on this topic, click here.

Remo Repair Outlook allows you to preview the repaired .pst files before saving them to your drive, to make sure you have got back what you were looking for. Once you are sure that your .pst files are fixed, save the session and purchase the full version of Remo Repair Outlook to complete the Save process.

Remo Repair Outlook works perfectly regardless of the Windows operating system (2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). It also provides resistance to your Outlook .pst files against any malware.

All you have to is download the Remo Repair Outlook application and follow the simple procedure to repair and get back all your damaged .pst files. Remo Repair is a multi-functionality utility which helps you in repairing over 300 file types. If you want to repair any other file types then visit here.