How to Partition an External Hard Drive Mac?

Partitioning a storage device eventually divides it into separate partitions, which are enlisted as individual volumes under Devices section on the Finder. Partitioning hard drive helps users organize their data and make data access more convenient. But most of the Mac users think it that externalit is a risky task to partition the external hard drive. Actually, it is not, but make sure you have a data backup of that disk, in case something goes wrong! However, if something goes wrong, you can know how to recover partition on external hard drive  Go through the detailed simple steps to learn how to partition an external HDD on Mac?

How to Partition an External HDD on Macintosh?

Step 1: Open Finder

Do this by-

Click on the Finder icon in the Dock. You can even open Finder by launching a Spotlight, tap on “CMD SPACE” and type “Disk Utility” and then press “Return” key.

Step 2:  Open Disk Utility tool

Do this by-

Hit on Applications present on your left side. Scroll down to Utilities folder, double-click on Folder. Then double click Disk Utility folder to run the application

Step 3: Highlight External Hard Drive that needs to be partitioned

Do this by-

Identify the hard drive to partition, highlight it in the left column. The external hard disk should be placed above Macintosh HD. In the right column, click on “Partition” and “Volume Scheme” options.

(The blue area specifies the space consumed by your hard disk. And the white area identifies the free space which can be allocated for partitioning. Below the rectangular box, click on “+” sign if you want to add new partition)

Step 4: Add New Partition

Do this by-

Once after clicking “+” symbol, another box will appear which will be labeled as Macintosh HD 2. If you want to change the name, size and format the disk drive, click on New box once.

(Formatting external hard drive is necessary if you need to install a new OS on created partition)

Step 5: Partition the Hard Drive

Do this by-

Click on “Apply” present at the bottom after adjusting all the components of a new partition. Immediately, click on the “Partition” dialogue box after a pop-up screen appearance. Wait for the partition to be added on.