How to Fix Videos That Won’t Play?

“I downloaded many episodes of my favorite serial from internet; all those files were in AVI format. But today, while I tried to play the video it displayed an error message stating “Requested file cannot be played”. I tried playing the other episodes, but to my surprise all those files were also displaying the same error. Can somebody suggest how to fix videos that won’t play?”

The above error occurred because the video files might have got corrupted while downloading it from internet. May be that website wasn’t reliable or there were some download issues. You must immediately fix videos that refuse to play because if the video files are highly corrupt then it could even damage other videos of the same format in your PC.

Frequent issues that corrupt an AVI video file:

  • Malware/ virus infection to the AVI video file could damage its file header thereby resulting in corruption of video files
  • AVI files refuse to play in any media player when there are synchronization errors
  • Changing the file extension of AVI to other video file format causes heavy corruption to the video files of AVI
  • AVI videos may get broken during compression of audio video data on AVI files
  • Improper termination of AVI video when they are in play mode, due to power failure or sudden system shutdown might also cause damage to AVI files
  • If the storage area where the .avi file is stored resides in bad sectors then AVI video might get damage
  • Interruption in between while transferring video files from any storage device like flash card, pen drive, portable hard drive, etc. to computer or vice versa, may cause AVI video file corruption
  • Other reasons responsible for corrupting AVI files include application malfunction, compatibility issues and many more.

How to fix videos not playing?

You can easily fix videos that won’t play in any device using Remo Repair AVI application. This software has the capability to deal with corruption, damage, broken and inaccessible scenarios with respect to AVI video files. The tool comprises of highly developed algorithms which scans the entire video file within a few minutes and fixes the damaged/corrupted parts in it and finally provides a healthy copy of the repaired video file. Many users across the globe have used it to fix videos that refuse to play and are highly satisfied with its remarkable functionality.

Features of Remo Repair AVI utility:

  • Supports various camera brands: Repairs AVI video files recorded using popular camcorder brands including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, Kodak, and Panasonic etc
  • Compatible with different versions: Has the capability of repairing videos that won’t play in several versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Win XP, Windows Vista, Server 2003 and 2008
  • Non-Destructive mechanism: The original contents of AVI video file are not altered during the video file fixing process, as it works on read-only mode.
  • Preliminary feature: Demo version of the tool is available in its official website. Use it to fix unplayable videos before purchasing the real utility.
  • Preview before save: Provides full preview along with detailed description of the fixed video file before saving it to PC
  • Free assistance: Technical support experts’ team are available 24/7 to deal with queries on how to fix a video file that won’t play with the help of this wizard

If you are satisfied with the above features, then use Remo Repair AVI program today to fix videos that refuse to play.

NOTE: The same utility can be used to fix AVI, DIVX and XVID video file formats.

Helpful information:

  • Do not play AVI files on incompatible players
  • Back up important videos in separate storage drives
  • Avoid interruptions while transferring or downloading video files