How to fix Synchronization Issues in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is still facing serious problems in synchronizing files with the servers. These are few symptoms of synchronization error in Outlook:

  • You get error notification while synchronizing Offline Folder File in Outlook with the mailbox on a server which is Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Outlook attributes like contacts, emails, journal entries, appointments and notebooks are missing from mailbox after synchronization of mailbox.
  • You would found mismatch between the number of messages received in Outlook mobile and Outlook web. The issue in Outlook doesn’t appear when cached mode is disabled.

When you got any of the symptoms then it means MS Outlook is having synchronization issue and it is high time to get ready for the solution in order to troubleshoot the issue. However, Microsoft is still working to improve the Outlook sync issues.

How to check sync issues in Outlook?

  1. Log in to the Outlook and right click on the folder that you want to test. Press on Properties
  2. Click on Synchronization then check the statics of folder such as Last Synchronization, Server Folder and Offline Folder contains items.

In case of error, you have different values for both the attributes. In such severe condition, you can create a new OST file and then re-synchronize the Offline folder. Steps to create new OST file is mentioned below:

  • Rename the Outlook OST file with different file extension.
  • A new OST file is created after you renamed the existing file.
  • Open Outlook tool and press Send/Receive button on the top of the screen.

You are able to wipe out the issues related with synchronization in Outlook with the above mentioned steps. In case Outlook file is corrupted then you are unable to fix the issue with this method. You need to apply third party tool to fix Outlook 2013 IMAP sync issues. It is also applicable in other versions of Outlook application. However, you can take few precautions to minimize the issues related to synchronization:

  • Use reliable antivirus tool to avoid corruption of Outlook data.
  • Remove junk files so that you have enough space on Outlook app.

It is expected that Microsoft will soon come up with relevant update in order to fix the issue. According to interview with The Register, Microsoft is focused to stop the damage caused by synchronization in Outlook. It is also mentioned in the interview that the company has completed the fix and is ready to deploy to the users. Stay with us we will soon update related news about the topic.