How to fix partially downloaded RAR file

“Hi hello friends”, `m in some problem in extracting my RAR files please help me to overcome with this problem.  Recently, 2 weeks back I have downloaded some important RAR file from the internet. While, downloading was under process, due to power surge my system got terminate in the middle of the downloading process. After power as come, it showed a message saying that the download process is completed successfully.

Yesterday when I tried to extract RAR file, it is not at all opening. Instead of that, it is displaying a error message that, the download RAR file is severely damaged and could not open it. I am much tensed because files which I have downloaded are very much important for my promotion. At any cost I need those file back. Please anyone help me out to get back my files without any damage / lost.

This kind of mishap commonly happens while downloading any kind of files from the internet.

RAR is a file format which is used by many computer users to store information in a compressed way.  You can reduce the disk space by compressing file into RAR file. By doing this you can have many advantages like security, tighter compression, etc. But certain issues due to which RAR archive refuse to open when you try to extract files from your system. Some of the common scenarios for data loss are enlisted below:

  • Disruption while downloading: When RAR files is being downloaded from net, while downloading if there is sudden break down in net connections or accidentally terminating your system, which leads to incomplete download. Once you try to extract files from WinRAR it will display the error message.
  • Virus or malware infections: When you use unsecure device or unnecessary use of internet may lead to virus attack to your computer. This is one of the common reasons for RAR file header to get damaged. If the header is damaged it becomes very difficult to extract files from the RAR file
  • CRC error: During the file transmission over network CRC may encrypt the RAR file. Which makes CRC error to occur leads to incomplete of RAR file
  • RAR file header corruption: when the header file is corrupted, which contains information of all the files of RAR archive  turns the file inaccessibility due to incomplete of RAR file

Once you have realized that your RAR file header has been broken or your download process is partially done. Immediately stop accessing those files, Or else, it may lead to further damage of RAR files. However you can get back your data by using good quality RAR file repair tool. This repair tool can help you to fix error in RAR files and make to access your files again. Repair partially downloaded RAR application supports repairing of error messages in RAR file created on different versions of WinRAR application and help you to overcome with the error messages. Software is easily used by non technical users.

Advanced key feature of RAR file repair tool:

  • Software supports all versions of RAR files on different operating systems like: Windows 7/ 8/ XP / Vista, etc
  • Ability to fix RAR archives that are password protected
  • Provides complete automated process so that broken header of RAR files can be fixed easily and get back the compressed files which are stored in WinRAR file.
  • It has the capacity to repair RAR files having  size of 4GB or more

Some steps to be remembered to avoid data loss:

  • While downloading a file from net avoid interruption
  • Use good quality compression technique to extract files from RAR archive
  • Use reliable antivirus software