How to Fix MOV Video File that is not Playing on Mac Operating System?

MOV or Movie file format is used by the QuickTime-wrapped files to store video, audio, and other bit streams in a single file for simultaneous audio-video playback. It is developed by Apple Inc. to work with multimedia files. It stores videos by using MPEG-4 codec for compression. Initially, it was developed for Mac Operating system only, but later they made it compatible with Windows Operating system also.

People might have gone through the situations like the MOV file they have collected from somewhere or downloaded from internet will not play in any player on Mac Operating system. The video files may be really valuable to you and you may not have any copy of the file with you. The situation is really frustrating, right? Do not try different softwares for fixing the unplayable file without knowing much, as some will cause permanent damage to the original MOV video file. But don’t worry, you reached the solution. You can repair those unplayable Movie files by using the most trustworthy tool called Remo Repair MOV without taking much effort.

Remo Repair MOV application can fix MOV on Mac in a few clicks and you can open the videos in any player without any interruption on Mac Operating system. The utility is capable of mending any severely corrupted, damaged, broken or inaccessible MOV files and gives the preview of the repaired Movie files once the process is over before restoration onto the computer. The software comes with a demo version also with all the features of the application. Therefore you can try the trail version if you want to evaluate the software features before going for the actual purchase. The tool is designed to have a friendly user interface, so a non-technical person also can use the software with ease and we are providing 24 hours technical support for this product, so you can contact us any time if you face any problem while installing or using the software.

When MOV video file becomes unplayable:

  • When the storage device of Movie file gets damaged
  • Faulty firmware of the camcorder
  • Unknowingly changing the file extension of .mov file
  • When it has got some codec issues
  • Accidentally turning off camera while recording MOV video
  • Unknowingly ejecting memory card while Movie record process
  • If you have edited the MOV videos by using an unreliable video editing tool
  • When you try to play .mov file on unsupported media device
  • When you are recording MOV videos using a device that doesn’t have enough memory
  • Any interruption while downloading Movie file from internet
  • Device is on low battery while recording MOV video

What are the features of Remo Repair MOV Software?

Remo Repair MOV software can repair MOV on Mac without modifying the original file as it works in read only mode. The utility can mend MP4 files also that are large in size. The tool is capable of fixing Movie files that are corrupted due to any error occurred in camcorder firmware or storage device. Remo Repair MOV application repairs the audio and video of Movie file separately, and adjoins them to make it playable. It can fix MOV files that are stored in any accessible location on the system including storage devices such as hard disk, memory cards, etc. The repaired .mov files can be played on all versions Mac operating system such as Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mountain Lion 10.8 (64-bit), Mavericks 10.9 (64-bit), etc.