How to fix MOV Codec problem?

Hi every one,

Some days ago, I captured few important video clips on my phone with .mov format and saved it on my phone memory. Yesterday when tired to play those video clips, it’s not at all playing instead of that it is displaying an error message saying that “Required codec isn`t available” to display  this .mov file. I cross checked several times for proper codec and also tried importing MOV files more number of times, but it’s of no use. Please can anyone can help me out to solve this codec error? Because those videos clips are much important to me. I want to get back those video clips at any cost.


The MOV file is used to capture video clips, movie files, text track etc… to the user’s hard drive or to the other media devices, developed by Apple. MOV files are compatible with both the platforms such as Macintosh and Windows operating systems. MOV file allows you to store and synchronize different parts of video and audio in a single file. MOV file are most preferred video file format. however .mov files extensively used to play videos on electronic gadgets such as iPods, video players, camera`s, cell phone, etc.

What is MOV codec?

A set of software which is used for viewing and listening to many forms of media files.

When MOV codec problem is displayed?

Each media files (audio and video) are encoded by a different codec, so the software that is opening a MOV file must able to recognize the codec in order to play media track in the movie file. When any one of the media track files fails to recognize the codec, at that point of time MOV codec problem is displayed on the screen.

There are times where this codec is get corrupted, due to this codec corruption, you cannot play a video file completely or video file is unplayable.

Some of the common loss scenarios are enlisted below:

  • Adding/ deleting a codec component: When you intentionally or unintentionally adding or deleting a codec component on your system which may lead to MOV codec problem
  • Malware infection: When virus enter into your system though third party utility which affects the video file and which leads in MOV codec problem
  • Using unreliable compression technique: When you are using low quality compression technique tool to Zip or unzip the video files, this might lead to codec error
  • Improper Upgrading operating systems: When you upgrade your operating system and fail to modify your codec component which in turn leads to inaccessible of video files

If you are facing problem with any one of the loss scenario which are mentioned above don’t panic, be cool, luckily there are chances to get back your corrupted MOV files back with reliable repair MOV codec software . Repair MOV codec software helps in repair the corrupted movie file like firstly it will separates the video and audio of that file than after repair process is over it will synchronizes both audio and video without any loss of information which was present originally.  In addition to this the software also supports in previewing list of repaired files before saving it. For more information visit here

Advanced Key features:

  • It has the ability to restore the original file content after repair process is done
  • Software is user- friendly, therefore, no technical knowledge is required
  • Support to play repaired MOV file in any other media devices
  • Software supports codec like: video- mpeg, avc1, audio- RAW, .sowt

Important tips to be remembered:

  • Regularly backup your .mov files on your external drive
  • Use good quality antivirus software
  • Avoid interruption while downloading your .mov files