How to fix Corrupt AVI Header

At times you might see the AVI videos that you downloaded just does not play right on your computer. The media-player application might notify you with some error message that your media cannot be played. It could be possibly a corruption with the files that media player fails to open or play the AVI contents.

Some logical or technical issues with the AVI file can corrupt the file header. Thereby, your VLC, QuickTime or WMP player won’t be able to play the video. Despite this, there are several reasons that cause damages to the .avi media files-

  • Infected memory card
  • Virus and malware threats
  • Recorded videos while camera battery is low
  • System corruptions and others

There is no such a thing to worry about if you have a backup of damaged AVI. If not you need to fix the header of unplayable AVI media. A genuine solution to deal with corrupt AVI headers is the Remo Repair tool.  It is a well-known program that scans and fixes corrupt AVI header in quick steps. Moreover, this application is available for both Windows and Mac OS X (supporting all latest operating system versions.  To convert corrupt AVI file to a healthy format, follow the steps below-

  • Install and run the Remo Repair utility on your computer
  • Browse the corrupt .avi file from the location
  • Allow the tool to scan and repair the AVI headers
  • Preview the AVI media after the repair process
  • Save the restored AVI file to a safe location on your system

As a matter of fact, you can use this tool to fix any brokenor unplayable AVI videos that are stored on memory sticks, external HD, SSD, SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, CF, xD, USB drives and so on.