How to Backup your Mac?

Generally, our valuable data is saved on your Mac machine and there are instances wherein we may come across unavoidable data loss situations. These situations can be system crash, external threats or even accidental deletion of files that causes permanent loss of data.

In order to avoid data loss situations, it is necessary to take backup of your Mac data. Here are few handy methods that will help you in taking backup of your data.

Using iTunes: iTunes allows you to organize your music library in a simple manner which makes sure that your data backup is ready. Clean Mac system for audio files that are not present. All you need to do is the following:

  • Browse iTunes, go to File, then Library and then Organize Library
  • Later, you mark the Consolidate files box and click OK

Use iCloud: This is considered as another option to backup your data. Well, this option is available in OS X v10.7.4. You have to turn on your iCloud in your system.

  • Click on Apple Menu on the top left hand corner of the screen
  • Click on iCloud and then enter your Apple ID and Password
  • Later, you tick the box to use iCloud to backup your data and further you click on Next button

With Apple, you have 5GB of free storage space on iCloud. So if you wish to use that 5 GB of space then choose the most important data which you wish to back up. Here, by default all boxes are checked to backup automatically. If required you can uncheck the boxes that you don’t want to backup in iCloud. There is a provision of purchasing storage space according to your requirement. To do this, you have to System Preferences –iCloud-Manage

  • Click on Change Storage Plan
  • Then you have to select the Storage space and enter payment details
  • iCloud will now automatically backup up data that has been selected

Use Time Machine with External Hard Drive

With this method, you have to connect your external storage device like memory card with the help of cable like FireWire, USB etc. or you can also directly connect it to your Mac via Apple Time Capsule. Format your external hard drive to make sure that the files are stored properly.

When an external drive is connected, the Time Machine will automatically launch asking you if you may want to use the external hard drive so as to take backup of Time Machine.

Suppose that doesn’t happen then you have to go to System Preference then select Time Machine and then select external hard drive as Backup Disk. There is an option of Encrypt Backups, you can check this box if you want to restore your Mac from Time Machine Backup in future. For this you need password also. When you turn on your Time Machine, the process of backup starts and it might take too much time which will be depending on the data to be backed up.

More about this feature

  • By employing Time Machine, you can create backup of your Mac automatically on an hourly basis, daily backups for the past month, weekly backups for all previous month

If you wish to change the preferences, you can do so as per your needs. There is an option of selecting specific data to be backed up by Time Machine in System Preferences

  • Now you can also backup your Mac and it shouldn’t be hard to create timely backup of your Mac system
  • Always beware while transferring your data to memory cards or from external storage drive to your Mac, since it may cause data loss. Under such situations, it is recommended to go for reliable data recovery software that easily recovers your data from Mac OS in a secure manner