Fix Microsoft Outlook 2010

A Microsoft Outlook is a personal storage file (or personal storage table), which has the ability to store the information .Microsoft Outlook is commonly used in large organization to exchange of mails because it is a popular email client oriented application. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is latest version in Microsoft suite includes advance new key features such as capabilities to help people to communicate with each other, for official and business purpose.  PST files which automatically stores data like contacts, tasks manger, email messages, suggested contacts, junk E-mails, outbox, calendars, appointments, notes, journal, and many more, which are saved on system.  PST file are also used to store archived items. PST file also contains configuration such as views, custom, rules etc .The maximum storage limit for single user in older version of Microsoft Outlook was 2GB but now, in the newer versions it has storing capacity up to 50GB. Even though Microsoft Outlook 2010 application is very user-friendly and reliable, even this application is prone for error and corruption. Some of the reasons behind MS Outlook corruption are listed below:

  • While upgrading your Microsoft Outlook application from older version to newer version or vice versa
  • When PST header file is corrupted due to virus or malware attack
  • Emails attachments is lost when it used in faulty networks
  • Power failure or system termination during version up gradation
  • Usually you face failures due to accidental deletion
  • When your file system is damaged you cannot access any data from the Microsoft Outlook application

Whenever Microsoft Outlook 2010 are stopped operating like storing and transferring data, which means that Outlook 2010 has been corrupted. When Outlook 2010 application is corrupted you may get following error messages:

  • PST  file has reached the maximum size(storage) limit please delete the unwanted data from PST folder,
  • File Outlook 2010 not found please try it later,
  • The data is not a personal storage file. For example, when your PST file gets corrupt/damage trying to open it, will not get opened and instead displays an error message saying that “inaccessible folder”.

When you were not able to access data or whenever you get error messages which are mentioned above, it means that the files are corrupted and you need to repair the corrupt.pst files. Actually this means that you have lost access to your Microsoft Outlook account. At this time, don’t panic you can repair any kind of pst files which you  are thinking that is lost .The more reliable solution to repair corrupted Outlook application is to use good repair Outlook 2010  tool.

The repair Outlook 2010 software displays recovered files from corrupted PST file. The user can select and save those files. The tool effectively repairs Outlook 2010 PST files which have been damaged.

Features of repair Outlook 2010 tool:

  • Ability to repair corrupted Outlook 2010 PST files and restores entire data into a new folder
  • Password protected PST files can be repaired
  • Repair Outlook 2010 software displays the preview of all the repaired PST data
  • Supports Microsoft Outlook versions  like Outlook 2002, 2007, 2013, etc and  operating system  like Windows 8/ 7/ vista, etc
  • Ability to repair the PST files when size of that file exceeds more than the maximum storage  limit and retrieves the data from  PST files
  • Repairs corrupted/damaged  PST files
  • Allow you to save the repaired Outlook 2010 PST files in any of the location on the system.

Tips to be remembered:

  • Make sure you use good quality antivirus software on your system
  • Regularly backup your Outlook PST files
  • Cross check before deleting any data like mails, files or other information from your Microsoft Outlook account