Effective Utility to Repair Damaged AVI Video Files

AVI video files are one of the popularly used video file format for capturing videos with camcorders and digital cameras. AVI is short form of Audio Video Interleave and is a file format designed to store both audio and video data in a standard package to allow its simultaneous playback. They can be played on various media players like Real Media Player, VLC Media Player, and so on. In fact, many movies, these days, are available across the internet in AVI file format owing to their good quality. Hence, AVI files are the most widely used container file format.

However, in spite of compatibility, at times AVI videos stored on system, camcorder or other external storage device may get corrupt \ damage due to logical issues, unforeseen reasons or faulty firmware. Let’s look at what are the reasons behind damage of AVI files:

  • When you have downloaded some file from internet on your PC then there is a chance of virus attack on your system due to this virus attack the AVI file may get corrupted.
  • Changing the extension of file from .avi to any other extension may lead to the corruption of existing AVI file.
  • All the information related to file like size, date is mentioned in the file header. Any corruption in file header will lead to the corruption of AVI file.
  • If the AVI file is saved in a place where bad sector is created on hard drive then this file would become inaccessible and may get corrupted.
  • Other reasons like power surge or sudden termination or software or hardware conflicts leads to damage of these files.

These were some of the reasons behind inaccessibility of AVI file and losing an AVI file can be very frustrating, especially if you do not have a backup of your files. Your regrets for not having a backup will know no bounds. However, if you have come across any such scenario due to which you are not able to access AVI file then make use of Remo Repair AVI program.

Repair damaged AVI video files safely using Remo Repair AVI:

Remo Repair AVI has been built to repair unplayable AVI, Xvid and DivX file formats. This application has been built with powerful algorithms to repair corrupted file and transform, an erratic display into a seamless presentation. The repair technique used by Remo Repair is unique and better when compared to any other AVI repair tools available.

Uses of having Remo Repair AVI tool

  • Effective utility comes with robust algorithms which can repair damaged AVI video file and provides effective results.
  • No special knowledge on software’s is required as GUI is so simple and informative, which will guide you throughout the repair process.
  • No need to worry about harmful viruses, as this application is pre scanned and it’s totally virus free software.
  • Ability to fix AVI files which are either downloaded or recorded using devices like digital cameras, camcorders, handy-cams, Smartphone’s etc.
  • It allows you to save repaired AVI file to any of the desired location on storage media. Even you are allowed to save file to storage devices like pen drives, memory cards, external hard drives, CD/DVD etc.
  • Comes with a demo version which repairs corrupted file and provides a preview of the repaired file. This enables one to evaluate the trial version before purchasing the software.