Application to Repair Inbox DBX files

“My Outlook Express profile was running fine until last night when all of a sudden it showed me an error saying the inbox.dbx file has been corrupted. I tried opening it multiple times and on all attempts I was unsuccessful and the error was consistently showing up. I don’t really know how to proceed with opening my account and I also don’t wish to lose any of my emails on the same hand. Is there a way how I can safely fix this issue on my PC and start to use my Outlook Express profile once more?”

You can definitely fix your corrupt inbox DBX files by making use of Remo Recover Outlook express. This is the only professional DBX repair tool that can fix corrupt DBX files in a very precise manner.

Microsoft Outlook Express is completely different from Microsoft Outlook and doesn’t share the same codebase. Outlook Express makes use of DBX files that are extensively used to store mailboxes. These files are used to save various attributes of Outlook Express such as journals, emails, contacts and so on. Every DBX file that you find has its own unique name such as inbox.dbx, sent.dbx and so on. Any damage to one of these DBX files results in inaccessibility of data. Outlook Express supports DBX files that are only below 2GB which makes it to gradually reduce its performance when the size of the file gets close to its maximum capacity. Some reasons that cause inbox.dbx file corruption on Windows OS are:

  • Saving new mails on inbox.dbx even when the file reaches its maximum capacity.
  • Viruses or malware in the system can damage the inbox.dbx files.
  • Sudden power surges when Outlook Express is active on the system.
  • Interrupting a transfer while moving or copying inbox.dbx files to and from the system.
  • Other reasons like hardware failure, internal software error, upgrading the operating system and so on can also leave the inbox.dbx files damaged.

Remo Recover Outlook Express

Repairing an inbox.dbx file requires a safe and professional software since it contains important as well as sensitive information. Remo Recover Outlook Express is just the software you need to employ in such situations to repair inbox dbx. It can effortlessly repair inbox.dbx files created on all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express such as version 4, 5, 5.5 as well as 6. While repairing the DBX files, it simultaneously recovers all outlook attributes such as journals, contacts, calendar and so on. It runs on all versions of Windows OS that includes the latest Windows 8 too. Another notable feature is that this application is ‘read-only’ which ensures that the DBX files are unharmed throughout the repair process. By making use of this repair tool you can repair DBX files by selecting them individually or even repair all files related to Outlook Express.

Here’s how you can safeguard DBX files on your system:

  • Make sure that your system doesn’t have bad sectors.
  • If possible, carry multiple copies of DBX files.
  • Use an upgraded or certified anti-virus application to scan and remove viruses from your system that can be a threat to the DBX files.
  • Make use of an alternate power source to counteract power surges so it eliminates the possibility of unexpected or unsafe termination of Outlook application.